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Cory Weeds in the Doodlin' Lounge
May 04, 2015 10:24 AM PDT
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To say that saxophonist Cory Weeds has worn many hats over the years would be a grave understatement. Vancouver-based, Cory Weeds has done more than anyone I know of in his generation to create, produce and promote jazz music on a multi level basis. A true lover of the organ combo, Cory quickly became a favorite in my Doodlin' Lounge. His record label, 'Cellar Live', has been able to provide us with some of the best contemporary music that has been performed at the actual jazz club of the same name. Although 'Cellar Live', the club, is now defunct, the plethora of recorded music that Cory has collected should supply our need for many years to come. In this episode of my Doodlin' Lounge we discuss Cory's efforts to promote the top jazz artists of today; record with many of them; and pay homage to those who have influenced him over the years. In this podcast it is Cory's nod to Jackie McLean which is highlighted.

Christian McBride
April 28, 2015 01:35 PM PDT
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Bassist Christian McBride has been hosting a wonderful show on NPR called 'Jazz Night in America' which is carried by many of the jazz stations across the country. Before my own 'Evening Jazz' program on KCSM, I run this show. It so happened that last week's show was about 'Jazz Organ in Philadelphia' and I was anxious to hear what the producers had in mind. After viewing the video on the NPR web site and airing the radio version hosted by Christian, I decided it would be fun to ask Christian into my Doodlin' Lounge for further discussions on his home town and the jazz organists he knew - hence, this DL evolved... I hope you enjoy

Bootsie Barnes in the Doodlin' Lounge
April 16, 2015 08:18 PM PDT
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Robert 'Bootsie' Barnes is a true legend in his own time. Bootsie represents the very best of Philadelphia jazz not only because of the tremendous legacy he is creating for himself but for the continuing education and guidance he provides for up-coming musicians. I knew that when we started our conversation, it could go in any number of directions...but fortunately for me we stayed in an organ combo state of mind (my comfort zone). Needless to say, Bootsie Barnes has played with 'everyone' in that genre. As I said at the outset, this will have to be part one of a continuing dialog we have with Bootsie in my Doodlin' Lounge. Enjoy!

Cecil Brooks III in the Doodlin' Lounge
March 26, 2015 05:04 PM PDT
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Drummer Cecil Brooks III is a plethora of information on top of being one of our greatest jazz drummers. His expertise extends far beyond the drum kit as a composer, arranger, educator, record producer and, yes, businessman. Cecil and his wife were the proud owners of 'Cecil's Jazz Club' in Ease Orange, New Jersey for over a decade. Today he makes his home in southern California but his musical activities have not diminished one bit. Taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us here in my Doodlin' Lounge, was most appreciated. Here is Cecil Brooks the Third. Enjoy!

Doug Carn in the Doodlin' Lounge
February 10, 2015 12:42 PM PST
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Organist/Pianist Doug Carn returns to my Doodlin' Lounge for a chat about his music, old and new, as well as his pending visit to the west coast for a four-night-run in three different venues. Doug will perform at Cafe Stritch in San Jose on February 19; Savanna Jazz in San Francisco on both Friday, February 20 and Saturday, February 21; and finally, Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz on Sunday, February 22 (the Sunday show will be recorded). With Doug will be the explosive, tenor duo of Howard Wiley and Teodross Avery. Deszon Claiborne will be the drummer for this exciting weekend of organ jazz. If you cannot ,make any of these shows, well, at least you've got Doug right here in my Doodlin' Lounge ... Enjoy!

Eric Johnson in the Doodlin' Lounge
February 08, 2015 09:50 PM PST
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Guitarist Eric Johnson has seen it all and played with the best. Brother Jack McDuff took the eighteen year old Eric under his wing, after being recommended by George Benson, and showed him how it was done. Eric went on to play with just about every notable jazz organist of that era and developed quite a resume for himself that, to this day, stands well above the norm. Enjoy tracks from Eric's discography in this episode of my Doodlin' Lounge

Duane Eubanks in the Doodlin' Lounge
February 05, 2015 04:40 PM PST
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Trumpeter Duane Eubanks makes his debut appearance in my Doodlin' Lounge. Yes, we rolled the Hammond organ to the side of our imaginary bandstand and brought out our baby grand for Duane and his quintet. Duane's newest release on Sunnyside Records boasts the work of Marc Cary, Eric McPherson, Abraham Burton and Dezron Douglas... along with vibraphonist Steve Nelson on a few tracks. Duane discusses this new music as well as his musical family and his rapidly developing career in music... hopin' you'll enjoy... (photo credit is unknown at this time... please contact me if this is your property so that I can properly acknowledge. PF)

Bill Callanan in the Doodlin' Lounge
February 04, 2015 02:18 PM PST
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Bill Callanan is a true veteran of the Hammond Organ Hey-Day! Dating back to the early 60s, Bill has kept the groove alive and well even though he left his native New Jersey for steady work in Las Vegas in 1967. Playing organ with Joey Dee and the Starliters and being a pioneer in the fusion of Rock and R & B was only the start. Organ groups would thrive in the lounges of Las Vegas until the early 70s and Bill was right in the thick of it. For Bill to return to New Jersey and hook back up with his former bandmates was as natural for him as riding a bike and the proof is in the tracks we've embedded in this episode of my Doodlin' Lounge. Bill is as authentic as it gets when it comes to real Jazz Organ. Enjoy and feel the groove of Bill Callanan.

Akira Tana in the Doodlin' Lounge
December 01, 2014 09:14 PM PST
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Drummer Akira Tana has played with just about everyone! I know that sounds crazy but he truly does have a heavy-weight resume when it comes to performing and recording with many of the greatest jazz musicians over the last forty years. A modest man with a tremendous heart; Akira gives 110% each and every time he steps onto a stage and sits behind his drum kit. In this episode, Akira speaks candidly about his early days, giving perspective on how it was to come-of-age as a jazz drummer in NYC during the 70's

Rodney Jones in the Doodlin' Lounge
November 22, 2014 12:46 PM PST
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Guitarist Rodney Jones has done it all. As an instructor at both Julliard and Manhattan School of Music he is allowed to work with the musical voices of our future and on the road, he continues to work with the music legends of just about every genre. He is a solid player who is grounded to Mother Earth and comfortable in his existence as a musician, a teacher and an everyday, human being. It was a sincere pleasure to welcome Rodney to my Doodlin' Lounge. Enjoy...

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