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Jimmy Smith in the Doodlin' Lounge
July 26, 2017 11:16 PM PDT
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This is the latest version of a radio show I produced with an interview I did with Jimmy in his home when he lived near Sacramento. I had brought him some pasta and Italian sausage because I knew he dug Italian food. He cooked for me in his kitchen and then we went out to his music room to talk and record a conversation. He played his upright piano for me but would not play his Hammond B3, saying, "I ain't playin''cause you ain't payin'" He was forever trying to be funny...

Dr. Gayle Serdan in the Doodlin' Lounge
July 23, 2017 03:04 PM PDT
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Organist, Gayle Serdan comes to my Doodlin' Lounge with her recently released CD called 'White Woman Black Music'. As both a working musician and high school music teacher, Dr. Serdan brings an unselfish perspective to the funky jazz organ music she plays. Always with her students in mind, she includes the younger interpretations of today's music and embraces the possibilities that arise. Enjoy Dr. Gayle Serdan on the Hammond organ with guitarist Yarone Levy, bassist Jennifer Leithham and drummer Dion Neuble.

Baby Face Willette in the Doodlin' Lounge
July 23, 2017 10:47 AM PDT
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This is a show that I originally produced and aired on October 18, 2004. It was fortunate for me to receive an email from the son of organist Baby Face Willette who enjoyed reading my web site story on his dad. Through Steve I was able to speak with his mother, the widow of Baby Face Willette, Jo Gibson, and put this show together. I hope you enjoy re-visiting this revealing program with dialog and classic jazz organ tracks.

Lawrence Clark in the Doodlin' Lounge
July 20, 2017 01:30 PM PDT
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Saxophonist Lawrence Clark is another one of our young tenor titans coming up. His music came my way via fellow saxophonist Eric Wyatt who thought I should check Lawrence out! The result is this informative conversation mingled with tracks from Lawrence's newest CD, 'Forward Motion'. The players include pianist David Bryant, bassist Rahsaan Carter, drummer Kush Abadey and, joining Lawrence on the front line, the exciting Josh Evans on trumpet. It's NOW and it's HAPPENING' Hope you like

Trudy Pitts in the Doodlin' Lounge
June 10, 2017 12:33 PM PDT
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This show was originally recorded and produced on August 9, 2004 - a day before Trudy's birthday. It gives us an excellent example of the brilliance of this American Treasure, known as Trudy Pitts, in both her ability to create music and her skill at articulating it into words. Trudy was a musical Saint and never truly received the recognition that was due her

Amina Claudine Myers in the Doodlin' Lounge
May 23, 2017 10:03 PM PDT
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Pianist, Organist and Vocalist Amina Claudine Myers continues to be one of our most gifted and yet under- recognized contributors to American Classical Music. Her latest CD 'Sama Rou' pays tribute to her ancestors in the most elegant and soulful manner. In this episode, we hear a few tracks from several of Amina's recent recordings - all mixed in with conversation about her career and perspective on music

Sonny Phillips (Jalal Rushdan) in the Doodlin' Lounge
May 22, 2017 03:01 PM PDT
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The musician formerly known as Sonny Phillips has been busy in his community since his self-imposed departure from the music world in the mid eighties. Today, he works to provide guidance and counsel for young people who have lost their way for one reason or another. Now referred to as Jalal Rushdan, the former musician advances his humanitarian efforts in Godly ways. Keep his heart in mind as you listen to this great music that he was a part of, so many years ago.

Horace Silver in the Doodlin' Lounge
May 11, 2017 12:41 PM PDT
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This is a show I produced with the music of Horace Silver and a recorded phone conversation I had with him in 2003. It is one of several programs that I've done with Horace over the years. He was the musician who I feel influenced me the most and ushered me into the world of jazz.

Dick Hyman in the Doodlin' Lounge
April 27, 2017 07:39 PM PDT
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Jazz Master Dick Hyman joins me in my imaginary Doodlin' Lounge to discuss his history with the pipe organ as well as the Hammond and others since the mid fifties. Several selections from his MGM vinyl recordings are featured.

Boogaloo Joe Jones in the Doodlin' Lounge
April 18, 2017 11:40 AM PDT
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Guitarist Ivan Jones was eventually known as 'Boogaloo' Joe Jones as a 'ploy' according to him. Hear more in this 2006 phone interview with Joe Jones about his life and music mixed in with various tracks from his Prestige recording days. Originally presented on my radio show in April of 2006, this episode remains one of my favorites

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