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Jackie Ryan in the Doodlin' Lounge
April 18, 2019 12:21 PM PDT
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Jackie Ryan has been one of our premier jazz vocalists and song stylists for many years. With numerous recordings that boast some of the best instrumentalists in the world, Jackie is prepared for world-class performances and crowd-pleasing experiences where ever she goes. She possesses the linguistic skills necessary to deliver authentic vocals to a diverse cultural fan-base. I was honored to chat with Jackie and sample some of her recorded gems in my Doodlin' Lounge. Enjoy one of America's best!

Bill Easley in the Doodlin' Lounge
April 05, 2019 06:10 PM PDT
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Saxophonist Bill Easley is 'easily' one of the best guests I've ever had in my Doodlin' Lounge. Never lost for words, Bill has real history in this music we call jazz and can conjure-up the most entertaining stories that seem to fit perfectly with his music and mindset. Moving from Memphis to North Carolina did not affect Bill's mobility nor did it hinder his status among the top-shelf musicians of today. The conversation you will hear in this Doodlin' Lounge was captured after he drove eleven hours to get to a gig in NYC. Bill hasn't lost a step... Enjoy his humor and a few tracks from his discography with me...

Jeremy Thomas in the Doodlin' Lounge
February 27, 2019 02:20 PM PST
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Jeremy Thomas will be making a rare appearance in the Bay Area in March and so, I felt it appropriate to bring him into my Doodlin' Lounge in order that folks who have not yet heard or him could have the opportunity to dig his 'Oklahoma City Groove'. He plays both jazz drums and Hammond organ to a high degree of proficiency and can swing with the best of them. He is a bright young man with a tremendous future in music. The music that Ive mixed with our conversation comes from a self-released, live recording made at the UCO Jazz Lab (outside of Oklahoma City) with Jeremy on Hammond organ; Lee Rucker on trumpet; Mitch Bell on guitar and Willie Peterson on drums.

Duncan McMillan in the Doodlin' Lounge
February 14, 2019 09:52 PM PST
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Duncan McMillan belongs to the not-so-young generation of jazz organists who sprung from the music of Lonnie Smith, Charles Earland and others of that mid-seventies period. Pittsburgh-born, Bill Heid (who spent a great deal of time in Detroit) influenced young Duncan to a large degree. It was Bill's connection to the veterans of jazz organ that inspired Duncan to move forward with his own dream of becoming a jazz organist. He has come a long way in his development and reveals his deep love and respect for those who preceded him with a most articulate narrative that is mixed with tracks from his new release, 'Room with a View', and more. Enjoy a true champion of jazz organ in this episode of my Doodlin' Lounge.

Butch Cornell in the Doodlin' Lounge
February 11, 2019 07:26 PM PST
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This is a podcast made from my radio program I produced with organist Butch Cornell in November of 2007 - just a year before Butch passed. I decided to upload it again because I feel it has such significance to the era of organ jazz that I love; to the people who played this music and who struggled with the interfering drug culture; and to the life lessons that one man can offer to future generations of musicians. In many ways, this may be the most important podcast I've ever produced. I hope you enjoy